IntelliTank Standard Spout

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The Standard Spout is a 1.5" diameter sanitary ferrule that comes already attached to the tops of all IntelliTanks and IntelliKegs.  They are also used as the bottom port attachment to our tanks and will allow you to attach numerous different pieces of equipment to the tanks.  Made from high quality grade 304 stainless steel each spout comes with a 1/8" thick silicone gasket to seal it to the tank and six stainless steel, cap head screws and washers to make attaching it to the tank a breeze.

To attach to the bottom of the tank, you'll need to drill a 1-3/8" hole with a hole saw or Forstner drill bit.  A convenient center point for the hole is embossed into the tanks to make drilling them easy and accurate.

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