About Us


Catalyst Manufacturing is the brainchild of Steve Hughes, long time winemaker, craftsman and inventor who saw the need for professional grade wine and beer making equipment designed and priced for small volume garagistes and craft brewers, as well as filling many needs of larger wineries and breweries. Steve has designed and built much of his own winery equipment including presses, crushers, destemmers, bottling machines and filters.

For our inaugural line of equipment we’ve developed the IntelliTank and its many accessories to make fermenting, storing, aging and processing wine much more productive.  And by gaining insight of the similar processes and needs of craft brewers, we were able to incorporate specialized elements into the tank designs to allow brewers to use the IntelliKegs for kegging their brews.

IntelliTanks are manufactured of food grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). They are virtually inert to any wine or beer making ingredients. The nearly 1/2” thick walls of the tanks and silicone gasketed, stainless steel, sanitary triclover system of attachments guarantees a design that is virtually impervious to air, oxygen or other deleterious components in the winery or brewery.  As a result of this inherent strength, the IntelliTanks are also virtually indestructible yet completely recyclable!

They are built to withstand the rigors of manufacturing and production while providing myriad functionality. For more of the many options and uses of the IntelliTanks and IntelliKegs, visit our Support page and Download our User's manual