Photos and Videos of Catalyst Products in Action

Here's an indestructible IntelliTank 23 (six gallon) next to a six gallon carboy.

Pumping from a hydraulic press up to an IntelliTank 57 via vacuum pump.

One of many IntelliTanks™ at Portteus Winery.  They are getting rid of all their glass carboys and replacing them with IntelliTanks™.

Here's a well stocked home winery at Three Tree Cellars. They have the capacity for 200 gallons in this 6' wide, air conditioned barrel room.

Vacuum racking set up at Three Tree Cellars. Note the vacuum pump to the right with a hose connected to the side of the Ported Spout drawing the wine in to the racking cane and adaptor. The butterfly valve on the bottom will make gravity racking off the gross lees a piece of cake!


Here's a 5 gallon batch of ale being brewed in an IntelliKeg 23.  When done, the brewer put a Ported Spout on the top and connected his CO2 cylinder to the side port and force carbonated at 30 psi using the "shake method" before bottling straight from the keg.