IntelliTank Ported Spout

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The Ported Spout is your next step to incredible versatility with your new IntelliTanks and IntelliKegs.  Our racking canes clamp on securely to the top of the Ported Spout and you can then attach inert gas or a vacuum pump to the side port to push or pull your wine or beer from one tank to another. 

Or you can connect two tanks together to daisy-chain them together so you can fill multiple tanks from a single source.

Beer and wine makers will love connecting their CO2 cylinders to the side port and cap off the top to force carbonate their beverages.

With a vacuum pump attached and a cap on top, you can quickly and efficiently degas your wine to get them bottled quicker than waiting months to let them degas on their own.  

Check our our additional instructions on the Applications page.

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