The Ported Spout and Vacuum Racking

Our IntelliTanks are built with high quality, high-density polyethylene.  The spout that comes with the tank as a basic model is a 1-1/2” diameter 304 grade stainless steel tube with a nominal 1-1/2” stainless steel sanitary ferrule welded on the tube.  It is secured to the top of the tank with six stainless steel screws and washers through a 1/8” thick silicone gasket, ensuring an air-tight seal.

We chose to use the sanitary system because it is the standard for the wine industry’s systems of securely and quickly attaching hoses, pumps, and other equipment to each other.  For the vintner and brewer who wants to expand the capability of their IntelliTanks, we’ve created the Ported Spout. By replacing the Standard Spout with our Ported Spout, you’ll be able to perform myriad functions that you can’t do with any other tank. 

Vacuum Racking

Using a vacuum pump to draw wine or beer/wort into an IntelliTank ensures a clean, non-agitating way to move the beverage.  The product is never touched by the pump.  To set up your system to vacuum transfer from any container, just connect your hoses to our racking cane and connect it to the top of the Ported Spout with our racking cane adaptor and a tri-clamp.  Then connect your vacuum pump to the side port on the ported spout with our 3/4” tri-clover hose adaptor.

Now you’re set. Turn on the vacuum pump and you’ll effortlessly pull the beverage into the IntelliTank.  To get down to just about the last drop, you can add our 3/4” ball valve to the racking cane and as soon as the liquid gets to the valve, give it a quick turn to shut off the valve and you’ll have efficiently racked clean and completely.  

For the best deal on setting up your vacuum racking system, just order our Deluxe Racking Package and save over 20% over ordering the parts individually.