Silicone Fermentation Bung -- Half Rack

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IntelliTank 100% silicone Fermentation Bung!  These bungs are perfectly sized for all IntelliTank spouts and will allow fermentations to complete without the worry of airlocks drying out or slippery rubber bungs popping out with temperature or pressure changes.  The tight fitting flapper allows fermentation gasses to be released while keeping ambient air out.  And it is removable for quick and thorough cleaning. 

Once all fermentation is complete and your elixir is adequately degassed, these bungs can be replaced with our 1-1/2" solid end caps with a Tri-clamp.

#8 Size.  Dimensions: 1-3/4" dia. x 1-5/8" high.  Bottom diameter = 1-1/8"; Top diameter (not including grab ring) = 1-5/8". Weight: 1.5 oz.    

Caution, may not fit many glass carboy spouts. Check inside diameter of your carboy before purchasing.

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